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Documented Leak Detection

Reak leak detection requires documented effect
To us, trust in the leak detection system is paramount. Documentation showing that the systems actually work is one of our primary concerns. It should be your concern as well. Don’t be impressed by nice words and empty promisses. Demand documentation – we do!

Why DanTaet?

A system from DanTaet – The natural choice

For more than 35 years we have protected businesses and homes against water leaks and unnessesary water waste. Our systems protect national treasures, private homes and medical manufacturers alike. Obviously we document effect, functionality and long product life.

Long life

A real leak detection system can be a major investment. Which is why a long product life is important to maintain a low TCO. Most systems from DanTaet still run after 20 years.


If you can’t trust your leak detection system, it is worth nothing. This is why erroneous alarms are a leak detection systems worst enemy. Our patented methods PSALM, ALOHA and OptiTight ensures that leak detection systems from DanTaet result in the fewest possible erroneous alarms.


Leak detection systems are recognized by the Danish Technological Institute and most insurance companies. The recognition has been achieved though year-long proven functionality and safeguarding of large and small installations alike.

About DanTaet

Proven quality!

DanTaet has been in the leak detection market for more than 35 years. In that time we have designed, developed and produced 5 generations of leak protection systems. Our focus has always been on delivering the best possible product. That’s why we work with some of the biggest and strongest players in the market when choosing the components for our leak protection systems. We put quality and longevity above price – all to ensure the lowest possible total cost of ownership for our customers.

As evidence of our commitment to quality, we need only point to the 1st generation systems that are still running more than 30 years after they were delivered.

Leak detection in Ishøj Municipality

“At Vejlebroskolen, they are crazy about their new measuring equipment. It has made it possible to detect even the smallest water waste, and not only has it made the technical staff’s work much easier, it has also reduced the school’s water consumption and saved them over 20,000 pounds so far.” – TV-Ishøj, 2021

Documented functionality

Full testing

We develop, produce and test all our products at our headquarters in Odense in Denmark. All products are fully function tested before being shipped to the customer.


All our products perform regular self-tests to ensure that all system components continue to provide full protection – for example, the leak protection valve(s) are checked daily to ensure they close fully.


The functionality of our products is, of course, fully documented. All new leak protection products are also assessed by the Danish Technological Institute.


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Selected references

– Naturally, minimum requirements should be set for the efficiency of water retention and leakage detection systems.

Leon Steen Buhl, Senior Consultant, Danish Technological Institute


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