DanTaet provides leak protection for all parts of the supply chain, from water and heating plants all the way to the end customer. The products are different, but the safety is the same.


DanTaet offers solutions for all types of businesses. The KMP-V, KMP-F, KMP-C and RSP-C systems cover all leak protection needs.

All business solutions come with integration to DanTaet AERS, ensuring that the systems can be used both reactively and proactively.

Private residence

DanTaet protects the household from water damage and water wastage. Leading Danish insurance companies support water damage prevention with DanTaet through discounts on relevant insurance.

To trigger the insurance discount, the DanTaet system must be installed by an authorised plumber.

Housing blocks

DanTaet offers a solution for main protection of apartment blocks, which meets challenges often encountered in leak protection of apartment blocks. The system, KMP-V, uses PSALM® and AERS to achieve practical leak protection with real utility.