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Leak protection systems must be regularly reviewed to meet the insurance industry’s requirements for leak protection systems.

Customers of DanTaet with a service agreement (Standard and Standard+) will automatically have their installations inspected in connection with a regular scheduled service. Customers without a service contract must ensure that their installations are checked.

If you, as a customer without a service agreement, would like DanTaet to come and inspect your system, you can request a service visit by sending an email to You will also be able to find out the price of the service visit here. All DanTaet service prices are fixed and do not include driving, bridge or ferry tolls or similar charges. However, any spare parts will be invoiced separately.

On residential installations, the regular check can be carried out by your plumber. If you want your plumber to carry out the review, we have prepared a guide for the review.

Service Agreement

DanTaet basically offers service agreements for all systems. A service agreement is your security against unforeseen costs for technician calls.

We recommend that all systems are checked by a DanTaet service technician at least every 2 years. All leak protection systems include continuous self-testing, where relevant components are continuously tested to ensure they are functional. If your leak detection system is equipped with DanTaet AERS connectivity, you will be notified through it if a self-test indicates that there is a problem with one of the system’s components.

DanTaet offers several levels of service agreements, see the overview below.

The price of the service agreements depends on the type of customer and the number of installations to be covered, so please contact us for more information about the service agreements.