Odense Handball

DanTaet is a proud shareholder in Odense Handball since 2015

Part of the shareholder group for more than 9 years

DanTaet has been an active part of the shareholder group in Odense Håndbold A/S since 2015. A club that in recent years has developed athletically and commercially to become one of the biggest women’s teams in handball.

The journey started somewhere else…

The name of the club was HCO in 2015, when DanTaet joined the shareholder group and shared the common goal of putting the Odense handball club on the world map. Over the years, the interest from partners increased, the shareholder base expanded and the club changed its name to what we know today, Odense Handball.

Odense Handball’s mission is to act professionally and solution-oriented in everything it does as an organization. DanTaet sees great synergy in these values, as well as Odense Handball’s willingness to create value and growth is recognized by DanTaet.

We need to make a difference wherever we can, and one of the places DanTaet is trying to make a difference is in Odense Handball. In addition to contributing to the sporting and commercial development and making Odense Handball an attractive choice, we want to contribute to creating a community for the whole of Funen through handball.


Personal sponsor for Malin Aune

DanTaet is a personal sponsor of the talented Dutch right winger Malin Aune.

A personal sponsorship for DanTaet gives us the opportunity to get close to Malin, meet her at eye level and see Malin as a person and not just as a handball player.

Together with Malin and the rest of Odense Handball, DanTaet will contribute to the trinity in Odense Handball around creating good experiences, good relationships and good results.

The ambition at Odense Handball as well as at DanTaet is high. In 2021 and 2022, the club won gold in the domestic league, while the cup tournament was also won for the first time in 2021. With a new coach and many new players, Odense Handball also won the Super Cup in 2023 – and we have ambitions for MANY more trophies.