Supply water

Supply Water Leak Protection System KMP-V-N

How to use

DanTaet domestic water leak protection system KMP-V-N is used in commercial and industrial applications.

KMP-V-N can automatically run a run-in period over 14 days. During this period, KMP-V records flow data without monitoring the system. After the 14 days have passed, KMP-V calculates the monitoring parameters based on the observed consumption. Depending on the setting of the internal jumpers, one or more of these monitoring parameters will automatically be activated when the run-in period is over.

In the event of a leak failure, KMP-V seals off the installation, activates the alarm relay and triggers a visible and audible alarm. System faults are reported via alarm relay and alarm if possible. Valve failure is visibly reported. In the low consumption phase, the leak alarm can be delayed until the end of the phase.

Building & Logging

Two monitoring functions use the measured volume flow values to safeguard against leaks. If a leak is detected, the KMP-V shuts down the installation using the system valve.

KMP-V stores a log of the last 250 events. These events include power off and power on, alarm and error messages, acknowledgments and auto-reset, keystrokes, signal changes on control inputs, mode changes and sequence executions.

Read our datasheet for technical information about the product