What we support

At DanTaet, we strive to support exactly where it makes sense Because making a difference is an active – and necessary – choice

Shareholder in Odense Handball

Handball and Leakproofing in one collaboration

DanTaet supports H.C. Andersen Festivals

Culture is a strong community

More people must survive cancer - Kræftens bekæmpelse

DanTaet supports the annual national fundraising program for cancer patients

Why we support?

At DanTaet, we believe in making a difference wherever you can. As a company, we have a responsibility to the world we all live in, to our planet and to our fellow human beings.

Do you have a good cause?

DanTaet supports what brings value to everyone – the good communities – no matter the size. We support the local, both broad and elite, and we support what creates development for both you and me.